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The Internet is rightly considered the best information resource nowadays. But if you're anything like Dixie you probably don't imagine your life without books. Some things are easier to look up on the net, others people (and cats) prefer to find in books. Dixie would suggest you buy at least one good business correspondence book to have it handy as a reference resource. And to do that, you don't need to go far. Just pick up one from the books below.

Dixie also urges you to pay attention to the right sidebar. She wanted to draw your attention to the option of browsing the books she has chosen for you by category. The books you see immediately on this page are under the Business Writing Category. The other categories are:

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that you have probably noticed this option, she just wanted to remind you about it.

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If you can't find on this page business correspondence books you are looking for, search's main site for them:

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