How Dixie Became a Webmaster

Dixie's Expertise Is in Business Correspondence

If you have browsed this website ever so little, you probably know by now that its webmaster, Dixie Cleverelle is the first cat-expert in business correspondence. She is very knowledgeable in this subject and very good at teaching it to her students at the University. She also likes to keep abreast with anything even remotely related to business correspondence, including information on the Internet.

Why Did Dixie Need a Website?

For a long time Dixie has been driven by the idea of sharing her knowledge of business correspondence with anyone who needs it and she has been searching for ways of doing it.

Being a smart businessfemale (for lack of the word for a businesscat) Dixie always understood very well that Internet is the best tool for reaching people that need information she can provide. She has been using the net for research for quite a long time not to be able to realize how powerful a tool it can be.

On the other hand, Dixie knew nothing about building websites. She thought that being a webmaster was for computer techs, as for her computer skills, she was just a more or less regular computer user. And then Dixie came across a video.

SBI! Is the Answer!

This video has totally changed Dixie's point of view. She figured that if a mom with four children could become a webmaster (can you imagine how busy she must be?!) having started from scratch, she can too! And having checked the other videos about Site Build It! and some sites created by SBI! users she decided that SBI! must be good for her, too.

(Following is a blatant promotion for the company that has tirelessly helped Dixie build this website!)

Since then Dixie has learned that SBI! is something outstanding. It is an amazing package created by a Doctor in Canada, named Ken Evoy. He is the creator of many different types of products and thousands of people are grateful to him for this one. Nothing compares to it. In fact, his website,, is so popular, that he ranks at the top with some heavy hitters like Apple, Dell, IBM, and other well known companies.

SBI! allows virtually anyone to build a successful web site step-by-step with all the tools and services one would ever need in one package and all for one reasonable price. SBI! owners do not just "put up Web sites." They build genuine, profitable, evergrowing businesses.

One of the fundamental ideas which Ken Evoy teaches is "Over-delivery." Over and over again he has demonstrated that he lives by that philosophy in SBI!. Whatever he has promised, he has delivered in excess. Even with his money back guarantee he has never flinched.

Why is he doing this? He got tired of all the garbage out there on the net of people selling a dream and not delivering on their promise. The lucky ones who stumbled upon SBI! in their search are able to utilize tools that really work - not just leaving you needing more information prompting you to empty your wallets more and more. Dr. Evoy is already a wealthy man and does this for others because he loves it.

Special SiteSell Promotion

But don’t even try to think that Site Build It! is another Get Rich Quick scheme. It takes work to create high quality original content and that’s the basis SBI! sites are built on. You should consider buying it if you’re not afraid of putting some work into doing what you love. Site Build It! will help you take what you know and love, and help you build your own unique content on your own unique Web site. A web site that is actually found on the free search engines! And generates income! Imagine that.

You are helped every step of the way. In fact, there are so many areas where you are helped and eased into your web-based business, it is just too much to squeeze in here!

What Exactly does Site Build It! Include?

  • First Class Keyword research tools

  • Web Hosting, Amazing Support, Domain Registration/Renewal

  • Search Engine Optimization and Submission for Non-Techs

  • Search reports, ranking reports, and other reports that takes the guesswork out of building your site's popularity

  • An ever growing list of build-it tools - forms, links, database storage, autoresponders, and more

  • Easy list building tools

  • A private super fast, efficient and friendly forum to share strategies and get answers to questions – no question goes unanswered and often you get more than you’ve expected (in a good sense)

  • Almost complete automation, continuous updates and new tools to stay ahead of the competition

  • Plus, plenty of manuals and how-to guides (that are actually easy and fun to read/follow) that take the guesswork out of the process

The list goes on and on and they keep coming up with new staff all the time.

SBI! Can Truly Change Your Life

Site Build It! is considered one of the best programs you can use to build a successful Internet business. It offers a suite of tools that allows you to focus on what you do best. In fact, it is even cheaper and easier to do it yourself than to hire a web designer that will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and will just set up a site for you and leave you to your own means.

As you read this consider your options. You can dive into the vast array of information out there and soon look into the abyss with your head spinning, OR you can make things easier for yourself, get on the right path from the start and be even closer to achieving the goals you set out for yourself. OR worst of all you can stay the same and never take a chance in yourself, but if you've read this far, then maybe it's time to bet on you.

Dixie did it, many others have done it, and SO CAN YOU!

If you still think you need more information learn about Site Build It! and how others are doing it at:

Case Studies - Real success stories


Results - See how other SBI! sites rank against other sites in the world - all kinds of niches to learn from.


Click here to view the Site Build It! video tour.

Click Here to Order Now if you don't need proof and are ready to get the ball rolling.

Look at it this way – the amount Site Build It! costs ($300 a year, less than $1 a day) is really a painless drop in the bucket that gives you a fair chance to improve your lifestyle doing what you like!

You Really Can’t Afford Not to Invest in Site Build It!

And if you order through Dixie’s site you will get her help, too. She will be available to answer your SBI! related questions and help you in your SBI! journey in any way she can. And for Ken Evoy, there's no difference whether you order it through Dixie's site or directly through

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order button below (you will be taken directly to the secure Site Build It! order page)!

Not Convinced? Read Further

We usually choose our future career in early twenties and very often go on through life doing what we have chosen once though it might not really be what we like anymore. Don’t you owe it to yourself to be able to say at your deathbed, "I had a wonderful, free life, and spent as much time as I wanted with the ones I loved?"

The choice is yours - think of what your purpose in life is and do what you love!

Try it today, you’ll be amazed at how liberating it will be. And if you aren’t sure of what you really like your life to focus on keep looking. You do know what you don’t like, don’t you?!

What if You don’t Want to Leave Your Job?

Site Build It! will allow you to build something for yourself. Even if you love your job, nothing in this world is secure unless you make it that way. What do you have to lose? Devote your site to the things you love most about your job. And you can start this on your own time - as a part time project without spending much money.

What if You Own a Successful Business?

Do you own a successful business that has a website with thousands (or even better, millions) of visitors a day? Then you are probably very content with your life and don't even need SBI! to improve it.

But... Maybe your business needs a website? Or maybe your business website needs more traffic? And you don't have time to deal with those issues? Then SiteSell Services are for you! This is a "do it for me" solution SiteSell has recently introduced for busy business owners like you!

Do You Still Have Questions?

Be sure that you get all your questions answered about the value of the Site Build It! tools and family. If you still have questions, click here to ask a Site Build It! expert. Don't worry, no sales guys!

Some Free Products to Get a Taste of Site Build It!

Just for visiting today, Dixie wants to offer you an array of Site Build It! products you can download for free and learn from to build your business. Why is she doing this? Because she knows the power of Site Build It! and if you get a taste of what it can do for you, you won't think twice.

Get your free products here

And do drop Dixie a line if you have any idea on how she could improve your experience with her. And remember, Dixie is eager to help you with your SBI! experience.

Site Build It!

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