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Dixie is building this website for you and your feedback is very important. As you must have noticed, Dixie is a true expert in business correspondence, but as for building websites, this is the first for her.

Dixie strives to provide comprehensive information about business letters, emails, memos and faxes on this site and she would appreciate your suggestions on what you would like to see here next.

Dixie's Owner, Alya
Dixie's Owner, Alya

This website building takes quite some time considering that Dixie has some other responsibilities, too. But Dixie is doing her best trying to update this site as often as possible.

My name is Alya Leuca, I am Dixie's proud owner and am also available if you would like to contact me. But you probably realize that Dixie is the star here, so please contact her first with your questions, comments and suggestions.

Contact Dixie and Her Owner

Your name and email address will never be shared with any third parties.

You are probably aware of the fact that email filters can very often block messages (sometimes for no reason), and this is a problem for both sender and recipient. Spam can become a real nuisance! And most of the messages are lost when you're emailing someone for the first time.

This is the reason Dixie and I prefer to be contacted by form and not by email. But the problem remains: our response to your submission can be lost, so expect to be mailed back by Dixie and me from

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Don't email back to this address though as it is set up just for replying. Better drop us a line through the contact form if you want to let us know that you've received a response.

And please remember to double check your email address before you click "Submit". We really want to reply to your message, but it becomes impossible if the address you provide is incorrect.

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