Meet Dixie, the First Cat-Expert in Business Correspondence


Thank you very much for your wise tips and explanations. I am really grateful that you make all this information available for everyone in such an entertaining yet clear way. I really appreciate the fact that you have covered even all the details that many people would consider obvious or silly and always leave unexplained, like questions of typesetting, paper, folding, margins and many more. A big hug from Argentina!
Mariano Felice
Meet Dixie Cleverelle, a very clever cat and the very first Cat-Expert in Business Correspondence. Ms. Cleverelle’s goal here is to make you humans as savvy as humanly possible in this subject (excuse my pun). I am a proud owner of this prodigy cat and I pledge my word that she is a true expert in the field.

Here Dixie will introduce you to all types of business correspondence. Those of you who think they know everything there is to know about the subject will find out that Dixie possesses extensive knowledge and can pleasantly surprise even the experts by posting on this site really valuable information.

But don't just take my word on it: see for yourself. Dixie knows that if you've been involved in any business even for the shortest time you have already realized that business correspondence is a huge part of it. No matter how high or low you are on the corporate ladder, you deal with all those letters, emails, faxes, memos on a daily basis. And sometimes writing or formatting them is not as easy as you would have thought.

Dixie in Her Office
Dixie in Her Office

No one would argue that business correspondence is important. It is also different in different countries (Surprise, Surprise!). And there are quite a few English speaking countries in the world. By the way, Dixie would like to know if you can name all of them. Counting the ones where English is spoken as a second language, of course. Otherwise it would have been too easy, right?

So, you probably realize that Dixie had to choose one country to be able to go into detail about its business correspondence, and she decided to focus on the US. Throughout this site Dixie will also comment on some European ways where she finds it appropriate.

Dixie is sure that she can help you become savvy in business correspondence in a very short time or at least provide you with a great reference guide. Bookmark or RSS this site for future use as Dixie assures you, you will need it really often. In the long run, you will discover that Dixie can save you a great deal of time as you won't need to remember all little peculiarities of business correspondence: Dixie has them for you in one convenient place.

Getting Around

Dixie is really happy to welcome you on her site. She would like to make your experience here as pleasant as possible. And what can be more pleasant on the Internet than finding what you’re looking for?! So, no matter what you want to know about business correspondence if you can’t find a button for it on the left you still have three options:

Dixie hopes you can see that she's got on this site something for everyone who's remotely interested in writing business correspondence or just needs to do it because his/her career depends on it.

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Below Dixie presents to you an infographic of her site. You can click on the circles to go to pages with samples of business letters, memos, emails and a fax.

Dixie's Business Correspondence Infographic Business Letter Samples Business Memo Samples Email Samples Fax Sample

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Business Letters

Business Email

  • Email Basics page describes major elements of an email message and includes a few email message samples.

Business Memos

Business Faxes

Click the Images below to Access Samples of Business Correspondence on Dixie's Site

Business Letters

Full Block Business Letter Modified Block Business Letter Indented Business Letter Multiple Page Business Letter Multiple Page Business Letter

Business Email

Business Memos

Business Fax

Email Message BasicsAnnouncement MemoMemo to FilesFax Cover Sheet

Some Updates on

Dixie has recently added two new pages to her site, business letters related to job search and to employment. You can find samples of a cover letter, resume, reference letter, job verification letter and several others there. Do check them out, especially if you are currently looking for a job.

Check Out Some Office Products Dixie Has Hand Picked for You

Dixie invites you to check out some office products that you can see all around her site. She has some cool products there, like popular tablets and laptops that you can use to write business correspondence on the go, a smartpen for digitizing your notes and audio, a digital flash voice recorder for those who prefer to dictate their correspondence as opposed to typing it, and some more. You can see some of those products below.

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This site has been created for you with love and it is wonderful to know that you find it useful!

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Intend to write a great piece of business correspondence?! Dixie invites you to start with Business Writing Resources page. And Dixie has recently added two new pages to her site, Business Letters: Job Search and Business Letters: Employment. You will find recommendations and samples for writing a cover letter, resume, reference letter, employment verification letter and several more there. Check them out.

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